Social Studies Department

Pleasant View School’s social studies program is based on an approach that recognizes the critical importance of understanding identity and community in providing students with strong self-esteem and confidence. Students are provided a strong grounding in map and research skills, are made aware of the importance of geography and history, and are geared toward an appreciation of diversity, tolerance and good citizenship.

  • In the lower grades, students study human interactions in family and community and are provided opportunities to practice higher order thinking skills.
  • In the upper elementary grades, students are encouraged to go beyond traditional textbooks in exploring and discussing relevant topics.
  • In the middle and high school, social studies is used to teach critical thinking and advanced research skills. There is a strong focus on conducting research using primary sources and presenting quality research results, on current events and on civics. Students are expected to graduate from high school with 3 to 4 college credits in social studies.