Extracurricular Activities

Student Clubs and Activities

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are considered vital components of Pleasant View School’s overall program of education. These activities enable students to gain valuable experiences that would not otherwise be provided by a strictly academic program. Students are encouraged to participate in several clubs and activities each year.

Establishing a new Student Club:  Any group of students wishing to form a student club at Pleasant View School should:

  • Identify at least three students interested and ready to join the club.
  • Identify a full-time faculty member agreeing to sign up as the advisor for the student club.
  • Obtain approval of the principal after stating the purpose, planned activities and rules of the club.

Note: Student groups wishing to meet for short-term activities without establishing a club may do so with approval of the principal.

Existing Club: Existing clubs in good standing should submit names of student officers and the faculty advisor to the principal within the first month of a new academic year. Failure to do so will change club status to inactive.

Club reports: All approved clubs should submit a quarterly club activity report to the principal’s office. The report should include all club income and expenses for the quarter.

After-School Building Use: Approved student clubs can use designated rooms in the school for after-school activities with permission from the school office. To reserve a room, the club should submit an application to the office. This application should be signed by the faculty advisor of the student club and it should provide the intended schedule, a brief description of the activity, a list of attendees and any special arrangements needed and/or planned.

Fund-Raising: Approved student clubs are allowed to undertake in-school fundraising activities with permission from the school office. The application for fund-raising permission should be signed by the faculty advisor of the club and it should provide a description of the intended fund usage and target. A calendar of such fund-raising is kept in the school office. Pleasant View School policy prohibits out-of-school sales or any other out-of-school fund-raising by student clubs. All excess club funds should be deposited in the school activity account at the end of the academic year.

Eligibility: To participate in student clubs, students must meet certain eligibility guidelines, including maintaining a B average. Eligibility is determined for each quarter by examining the student’s grades from the previous quarter. Lower than a B average in any single quarter will make a student ineligible for participation in the following quarter and they cannot participate in student clubs until both the immediately preceding grade point average as well as the student’s overall grade point average for the past year is a B or higher. Extracurricular activities that are closely related to identifiable academic programs such as theatrical, journalistic, linguistic, and other similar academic extracurricular activities may be excluded from this policy. In all cases, a student with behavioral problems can be recommended for ineligibility from all extracurricular activities by the principal.

Communications: Student clubs can publish newsletters and post notices on designated notice board with approval of the faculty advisor. The clubs can also maintain websites on school intranet for all school students with permission of the Principal. No internet websites or press releases by clubs are permitted.