Welcome to Pleasant View School

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Pleasant View School (PVS). The PVS staff is dedicated to providing its students with an enriched, challenging academic program with high standards and expectations in a highly moral and ethical Islamic environment. Our ability to successfully achieve this goal will depend on parental involvement and support. Working as a team, we believe we can achieve the shared objective of helping your child meet his/her greatest potential in terms of their academic, character and leadership development.

Pleasant View School dedicates itself to providing its students with a quality academic education in an Islamic environment. We understand and take very seriously our role in shaping our students’ identity, expanding their knowledge base, and providing them with the skills, motivation and interest needed for lifelong learning. We also recognize the important role schools can play in developing leadership skills in young students and have made imparting these skills to our students a fundamental part of our mission.

Pleasant View School provides its students with a challenging and meaningful academic program that incorporates independent and critical thinking, problem solving and higher order thinking skills with a strong foundation in fundamental concepts in a manner that empowers them with the tools and skills needed to become successful. We also integrate moral and ethical Qur’anic principles into all of our academic programs to provide our students with a firm grounding and strong belief in Islam. We believe strongly in the process of engaging students with the goal of making the learning process relevant and meaningful to their lives. Our academic program is student-centered and it looks at the whole child and directs his/her intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development.