PVS Shines at ISNA Conference

Pleasant View School students volunteered, performed and showcased their art at the Islamic Society of North America’s annual conference on Oct. 7 at the Hilton Memphis hotel.

10th grader Said Khatib, 8th-grader Zahra Chowdhury, 11th grader Alhasan Hadidi, and 8th grader Yusuf Mannan all participated in various ways during the conference.

Khatib gave the opening recitation for the introductory session. Hadidi wrote and delivered a spoken word performance to open a discussion section on Education and Family with panelists Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Speaker Yasmin Mogahed and PVS Principal Mohammad Malley. Chowdhury wrote and delivered a speech to introduce Journalist and Playwright Wajahat Ali, Yusuf Mannan gave the Adhan for the prayers that were held during the conference.

10th grader Haneen Jaber and 9th graders Nigere and Dilare Aizezi displayed their Islamic artwork at the conference.

“I was showing the creativity of PVS students … With our teacher there we decided to do Islamic expositions … it’s an easy way to express myself,” Jaber said.

Director of Islamic Studies and Community Outreach Samar Al-majaideh represented PVS in the “Steering Committee” for ISNA. She worked with five other leaders from various Islamic organizations and majids. The committee spent five weeks planing and preparing volunteers for the conference.

“Representing PVS in ISNA’s steering committee was a great experience,” Al-majaideh said, “It allowed us to connect with all other Muslim organizations in Memphis and allowed others to learn more about PVS. Furthermore, this committee will be working on future joint projects inshallah.”

PVS students Ibtihal Malley, Omar Halim, Maryam Taysir, Dawood Alkabsh, Alhusain Hadidi, Ahmed Mohammad, Osman Celikok, Yusuf Halim, Said Khatib, Alhasan Hadidi and Haneen Jaber volunteered during the conference. They assisted with the questionnaires in each session and ushered attendees at the celebration banquet.

Principal Malley also participated in the conference as a panelist for the Education and Family session. He discussed scientific studies that showed the importance of character in future student success.

“The founders of PVS 20 years ago felt that it was important to build a school that would, of course, have the best academics … but we know that’s not enough that in addition to that it’s our responsibility to be concerned about the character of our students, make sure they have that connection to Allah (SWT),” Malley said.